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Tracy Martin

Orthodontic Practice Consultant
Tracy Martin Orthodontic Practice Consultant

Tracy Martin is the cofounder of Straight Wire Consulting, specializing in orthodontic practice management consulting. With over 15 years of experience in ortho offices, Tracy was a “utility player,” serving in every position on the team. She found her calling as a Treatment Coordinator and quickly developed a reputation as an all-star performer at one of the highest volume, most progressive offices in the northwest. In 2015, she launched Straight Wire Consulting to take her intimate knowledge of building high-performing orthodontic offices and bring it to practices across North America.

At Straight Wire, Tracy and her partners work with docs to enhance the new patient experience, coach TCs, build marketing strategies, establish unique practice cultures, set up healthy financial systems, and help even the newest of practices get up and running. When not working onsite with doctors and their teams, Tracy hosts two-day TC Mastery Courses specifically geared to create elite TCs.

Tracy is most known for her ability to adapt the industry’s best practices for her client offices, capitalizing on their unique culture and giving a little push into greatness, without forcing a “one size fits all” approach. With her sassy, direct delivery, Tracy is also a speaker at various study clubs, webinars, and orthodontic meetings. She is based in Dallas, TX with clients spread throughout the U.S. and Canada.