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Dr. Scott Law

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Scott Law - Smile Doctors

Dr. Scott Law is a wet-fingered orthodontist charged with overseeing the clinical processes and responsibilities for Smile Doctors, an orthodontist-owned orthodontic group.  After completing residency at Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics in 2009, he and his wife Jessica purchased a small practice from a retiring orthodontist in Killeen, Texas.  Using techniques based on customer service, fun, empowerment and excellence, they grew that location to one of the largest practices in the U.S.

Looking out on the horizon in 2015 and seeing the threats and opportunities facing orthodontics, they decided to scale their business based on the principle of ‘Love on People First’.  Together with partners Dr. Dana Fender and CEO Scotte Hudsmith, Smile Doctors has grown to over 150 orthodontics-only practices. As an organization we are constantly seeking transitioning doctors and/or associates who align with our culture of loving on people and seeking excellence as we deliver the Ultimate Patient Experience.